Tiger Foundation


  1. The Nawegaon Nagzira Tiger Reserve Conservation Foundation was registered under the Mumbai public Trust Act, 1950 as a public trust bearing registration no …………………………………… dated ……………………. Section 38 X of the wild life (Protection) Act 1972 requires establishment of Tiger Conservation Foundation to facilitate and support management for conservation of Tigers, biodiversity and rich natural heritage and to take up echo development initiatatives for development of natural resources  and local communities with people involvement. Accordingly the Govt. of Maharashtra, Revenue and Forest Department directed to constitute this trust vide Res. No. WLP/0114/CR-27/F-1 dated 7th may 2014. The Governing body of Foundation framed its rules & regulations on 1st July 2014 and the Revenue & Forest Department communicated concurrence for these ruled on
  2. The area of operation of this foundation shall include the Nawegaon – Nagzira Tiger Reserve and its neighboring current and potential tiger landscape in Gondia and Bhandara and Districts.

Organization: -

  1. The Governing body shall provide the directives for managing Foundation and exercise overall control over finance, programs, schemes and activities as per the articles of deeds and the rules and regulations of the Foundation.
  2. The Executive body may sanction token honorarium, not exceeding Rs. 2000/- per month with provision for increase up to 10% per year, to a member of group C staff engaged in the activities of Foundation beyond normal duties of the Tiger Reserve.
  3. No person shall be engaged on payment by the Foundation unless the Executive Committee is satisfied regarding the necessity to do so.
  4. Volunteers may be associated on token honorarium and reimbursement of actual expenses.

Office Procedure: -

  1. The Executive Director may direct any Member of the Tiger Reserve staff or Foundation staff to receive the postal mail or email directly or through the office of the Tiger Reserve. All written communication received shall be collectively called inward dark.

Each page of Dark Register shall be duly numbered serially and maintained in the following format…….

  1. The inward Dark received by the Foundation shall be submitted immediately for perusal of the executive director or any other officer authorized by him who will…
  1. Go through each communication.
  2. Take note important receipt requiring.
  3. Submit important papers for perusal of the Executive Director.
  4. Inform the Member Secretary of the Executive Committee.
  1. The Foundation shall ensure efficient, productive and healthy work environment in its offices making optimal use of appropriate modern office equipment including computers, Internet facilities, photocopiers etc.

Grants in Aid From Government: -


  1. In order to achieve objectives of the Foundation, the Executive Director may solicit and accept the grant-in-aid from the state government, the Union Government or an autonomous organization of the State Government or the Union Government.
  2. If duly authorized by the competent authority, the Foundation may maintain LOC (Letter Of Credit) account for a period not exceeding one year to carry out any activity included in annual plan of operation approved by the State Government or the Union Government.


Contingencies: -


  1. Contingencies comprise those charges which are incidental to management of an office such as purchase of routine books, stationary etc.
  2. Special contingencies whether recurring or none recurring which cannot be incurred without previous sanction of the executive body / Governing Body.
  3. Contingencies for which a lump sum in allotted annually by the Governing Body or Govt. within which the Executive Director may incur expenditure without further sanction.


Compliance of the Mumbai Public Trust Act 1950 and rules thereof: -


  1. The relevant section of Mumbai Public Trust Act 1950 and rule made there under and as amended from time to time shall prevail over the content given below which are for general directions and guidelines.
  2. This Foundation is Trust registered under the Mumbai Public Trust Act 1950 and its charitable purposes include…
  1. Relief from distress caused by natural event and emergencies.
  2. Education including nature education.
  3. Medical Relief.
  4. Promotion for facilities for nature based recreation or leisure occupation provided in the interest of social welfare and public benefit.
  5. The advancement of any other object of general public utility in the buffer zone and areas providing dispersal routes of wild animals in the area of operation.
  1. A copy to this operational manual and all subsequent modifications shall be submitted to the Charity Commissioner for information and perusal.
  2. The State Govt. may exempt from payment of contribution, public trusts which are exclusively for the purpose of the advancement of forests, horticulture or agriculture etc.
  3. A trustee of a public trust shall prepare and maintain register of all movable and immovable properties in the form sch. X-AA Bombay Public Trust Rules 1951.
  4. Subject to the provision of section 58 every public trustee shall pay to the Public Trusts Administration Fund, Annually such contribution at rate as may be notified from time to time by the State Govt. by order published in the official Gazette such contribution shall be fixed at rate or rate on the gross annual income of such public trust.

Government Resolution: -

                The approval of Govt. Of Mah. is hereby accorded for establishment of Tiger Conservation Foundation for Nawegao Nagzira Tiger Reserve.

                The Governing body of the Nawegao Nagzira Tiger Reserve Conservation Foundation shall consist of following namely: -


Hon’ble Minister (Forests) Govt. of Maharashtra. President
Principle Secretary (Forests) Govt. of Maharashtra. Vice President
Principle Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) Member Maharashtra State, Nagpur
Addl. Principle Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) Member East, Nagpur
Chief Conservator of Forests (Territorial) Nagpur Member
Deputy Director,Nawegao Nagzira Tiger Reserve Member
Collector Gondia District,Gondia Member
One Nominee of Wildlife Constitution Trust Of India Member
One Nominee of Wildlife Institute Of India, Deharadun Member
Member of Legislative Assembly, Tiroda Member
Member of Legislative Assembly, Arjuni Morgaon   Member
Representative Of Zila Parishad, Gondia Member
Representative Of Echo-Development Committee,Chorkhamara Member
Representative Of Echo-Development Committee, Pitezari Member
Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) Gondia   Member Secretary CCF & FD, Nawegaon Nagzira Tiger Reserve.


Executive Committee : -

The day to day affairs of foundation shall be administrated subject to the rules and regulations and order of the foundation, by the executive committee which shall consist of tkhe following….

Conservator of forest (Wildlife ),Gondia / Field Director of Tiger Reserve Chairperson
Divisional Forest Officer (Wildlife),Gondia/Dy. Director or  Assit. Director of Tiger Reserve Member Secretary
Representative of Echo-Development Committee, Chorkhamara Member
Representative of Echo-Development Committee, Pitezari Member
Range Forest Officer, Pitezari   Member
Range Forest Officer, Koka Wildlife Sanctuary Member
Range Forest Officer, Nawegaon (Park) Member
S.D.O. Sakoli Member

Office and Authorities of the Executive Committee: -

  1. The Conservator of Forest / Field Director of the Tiger Reserve shall be the Executive Director of the Foundation and he or she shall carryout all administrative and day to day function of the foundation on behalf of the Executive Committee and he shall be the custodian of all records, assets and belongings of the Foundation.
  2. The Executive Director shall have the following powers in conformity with the rules of Foundation, namely….
  1. To accept contributions on behalf of the foundation either by Cheque, Demand Draft or other bank instruments or in kind from a person or institution.
  2. To purchase, acquire, take on lease any movable and immovable property for the purpose of achieving the objective of the Foundation.
  3. To have control and authority on the general administration of the Foundation.
  4. To open and operate accounts with banks.
  5. Prosecute, sure and defend all action at law for and on behalf of Foundation
  1. The Executive Director shall have powers to convene seminars, workshop, etc. and to oversee publication of research materials and books of the Foundation.
  2. The Executive Director shall initiate appropriate action for the preparation and submission of project proposals of different programmers to be undertaken by the Foundation to various agencies for support.
  3. The Executive Director shall have powers to interact with National and International Agencies for furthering the objective of the Foundation.

Ameentment to Rules and Regulations: -

  1. BOG under powers vested with it under the GR referred to above may alter, extend or abridge or amalgamate these Rules and Regulations, for the administration and management of the affairs of the foundation and without prejudice to the generality of this provision, such rules and regulations any provide for the following among other natters..
  1. Service matters of officers and staff including creation of post, qualifications, selections procedures, service conditions, pay and emoluments, discipline and control rule. Prior approval for the BOG shall be obtained for the creation of any posts.
  2. Important financial aspects including formulation of budgets. Purchase procedures, delegation of financial powers, investment of funds, maintenance of accounts, audit etc.

Such other matters as may be necessary for the furtherance of the objectives and the proper administration of the affair of the Foundation. Provided that for the purpose of this rule.