Tiger Foundation


  1. Nawegaon- Nagzira Tiger Reserve is declared as Tiger reserve by Government of Maharashtra on 12 December 2013 with an area of 653.67 Sq. Km, it is 5th Tiger Reserve of Maharashtra. It comprises 5 protected areas, which are-
  2. - Nawegaon National Park
    - Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary
    - New Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary
    - Koka Wildlife Sanctuary
    - Nawegaon Wildlife Sanctuary
  3. The buffer zone of Nawegaon- Nagzira Tiger Reserve has notified on 07/09/2016 which is spread in Bandara & Gondia district of Maharashtra. The establishing unified control is under way.The total notified area of Buffer zone is 1241.27 Sq. Km and it includes185 villages (Gondia- 126 and Bhandara- 59 ).
  4. The area of operation of this foundation shall include the Nawegaon – Nagzira Tiger Reserve and its neighboring current and potential tiger landscape in Gondia and Bhandara and Districts.

Governing body of the Nawegaon - Nagzira Tiger Conservation Foundation is as below

Hon’ble Minister (Forests) Govt. of Maharashtra. President
Principle Secretary (Forests) Govt. of Maharashtra. Vice President
Principle Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) Member Maharashtra State, Nagpur
Addl. Principle Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) Member East, Nagpur
Chief Conservator of Forests (Territorial) Nagpur Member
Deputy Director,Nawegao Nagzira Tiger Reserve Member
Collector Gondia District,Gondia Member
One Nominee of Wildlife Constitution Trust Of India Member
One Nominee of Wildlife Institute Of India, Deharadun Member
Member of Legislative Assembly, Tiroda Member
Member of Legislative Assembly, Arjuni Morgaon   Member
Representative Of Zila Parishad, Gondia Member
Representative Of Echo-Development Committee,Chorkhamara Member
Representative Of Echo-Development Committee, Pitezari Member
Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) Gondia   Member Secretary CCF & FD, Nawegaon Nagzira Tiger Reserve.


Executive Committee : -

Conservator of forest (Wildlife ),Gondia / Field Director of Tiger Reserve Chairperson
Divisional Forest Officer (Wildlife),Gondia/Dy. Director or  Assit. Director of Tiger Reserve Member Secretary
Representative of Echo-Development Committee, Chorkhamara Member
Representative of Echo-Development Committee, Pitezari Member
Range Forest Officer, Pitezari   Member
Range Forest Officer, Koka Wildlife Sanctuary Member
Range Forest Officer, Nawegaon (Park) Member
S.D.O. Sakoli Member


Governing Body of TCF

As per the trust Deed of TCF

◦ Governing body meets at least once in year.
◦ Power and Functions of GB
 Make overall policy of TCF
 Consider and approve balance sheet
 Consider and approve Annual Report
 Approve Annual Budget
 Make amendment in Trust Deed
 Suspend, terminate or effect any project or activities undertake by the Foundation.


Executive Committee of TCF
The day to day affairs of Foundation is administrated by executive committee as per the rule & regulations.

Power and Functions of EC are
 Fund utilization
 Perform Functioned assigned by Governing Body.
 Exercise administration and financial powers.
 Accept endowment, grants in aid, donation and gifts.
 Provide funds, loan, advances to forest department to meet exigencies till funds are received.


Financial Regulations

As mentioned in the existing Trust Deed of TCF, NNTR Sources of funds for running TCF are.
 Income generated from levying tourist entry fees and other charges (Services generated)
Contribution from other source, specific project.
 Grants-in-aids, donations or assistance of any kind from any individual or organization permmitted by law.
 Other activities as per the existing rules.
 Receive and maintain Goverment grants for managing Tiger Reseve.

Accounts and Audit of TCF
 Account of TCF is being maintained properly as per book of Account.
 Account is being submitted annually for audit to the qualified CA.
 Account is being discussed and approved in Governing Body meeting regularly.
 Account is subjected to the general provisions and directives of CAG of India. 

Annual Budget of TCF
 Annual Budget of TCF is to be prepared by executive committee subject to approval in governing body meeting along with previous year annual report.
 Annual Budget for financial year 2017-18 was prepared and presented in TCF governing body meeting dated 14/06/2017 in Mumbai.
 G. Body has sanctioned Action taken report of financial year 2016-17 and Annual budget of NNTR, TCF for financial year 2017-18.


Budget of TCF

Sr. No. Head of expenditure Works proposed Year 2016-17 (Amt. In Lakh Rs.) Year 2017-18 (Amt. In Lakh Rs.)

Wildlife Conservation &

habitat development works

in Core zone

Purchase of camera Traps/

S & W conservation works/ 

weed removal/ meadow

development/ POL and repair

protection vehicles 

 17    22

Wildlife Conservation &

habitat development works

in Buffer zone

Awareness programmes/ Camps

/ competitions/ protection drives etc

in Buffer area

  1    2.5 

Wildlife Management in 

surrounding area

Corridor development works/wildlife

monitoring etc.

  1   2

Development Programme

for village area and local 

people (1/3 rd of total buget)

Training/ workshops/ livelihood 

generation programmes/ tours/ prizes

etc for Buffer village

  29.95  31.80

 Human-Wildlife conflict


 Rescue team/ Sensitization and 

 Awareness programmes

  1    2.5 

 Staff welfare and capacity 

 building programme for 

 Field staff in tiger Project

 Admission fee/ loan/ prizes/ health 

 Check up camps/ facilities to STPF

 staff/ welfare of daily labours etc

  13   13

 Environment education & Eco

 tourisum development 

 Book & booklets etc

 Publicity material/ uniform and traning 

 to Eco-guide/ home stay/ POL 7 

 Repair of Tourrist vehicles 

  9.5   12.5
8  Research  Research Projects   2   2
9  Special Works

 Research Asst./ Sociologist/ LDO/ Civil

 Engg. etc appointment

  9.6   9.6
10  Office Expenditure and TA etc  TCF office expenditure   4.44   6.42
11  Contingency/ Audit fee etc (5%)      5   5
     Total   93.45   109.32



Proposed Amendment in Trust Deed of TCF

 The Aims and Objective of TCF are revised and extended to claim/receive exempation from Income tax for the income as well as donations or gifts to the TCF
 Executive committee has been revised and insured the representation of eco-Development Committee by rotation.
 Governing body of TCF has sanction the amendement proposed in Trust Deed during the meeting on 14/06/2017

Registration under FCRA Act-2010or

 NNTR TCF has filed online application (FC- 4 Form) for seeking permission to accepet foreign contribution (Foreign person/ organisation/ Institution/ Government etc.)

Eco-Tourisum in NNTR

 Sr.No.  Financial Year  No of Tourist Visited

 Total revenue generated (Lakh Rs.)

 1  2013-14           38579                9,72,785
 2  2014-15           32086               18,87,069
 3  2015-16           44548               34,08,830
 4  2016-17           44030               32,73,336
 5  2017 up to June            18414               13,77,288


About Income of TCF, NNTR

Sr. No.  Head/ Source  Year 2016-17 (Lakh Rs.) Expected Income for 2017-18
 1  Last year balance      46.04      47.88
 2  Tourist entry fee and other charges      32.73      42.55
 3  Donations      0.00       0.00
 4  Government Grand's      0.00      0.00
 5  onservation fee (2% of project cost)      0.00      18.44
 6  Interest from bank      4.79       0.00
   Total      83.56       109.32



Works in 2016-17 through TCF, NNTR

Financial support to organic farming around TR.

Staff welfare-
    - Financial support to hospitalized staff.
    - Emergency loans
    - Rewards
    - Sukanya Scheme ( Promote Gender equaity)
 Van Adhyapak (Forest Teacher Scheme- Extension)
Rewarding best performing EDC (Ategaon- Rs. 1 Lakh)
Mini Library in Anti Poaching Camps
Solar fencing to farmers to reduce conflict